Speeding Up Wound Healing

You don’t really appreciate what you have until it’s gone, goes the saying. While you normally don’t think that much about your feet, if you have a foot wound and need to be careful walking, you suddenly realize just how much you need your feet to be in good shape. So, it’s natural to want to speed up the healing of that wound so you can literally get back on your feet.

3 Reasons To Consider Bunion Surgery

Many people will develop bunions, but they do not always warrant surgical intervention. There are situations where pursuing a bunionectomy treatment might be the best approach to reducing pain and any limitations your bunion might cause. Conservative Approaches Are Ineffective When you start developing bunions, you are advised to change your footwear. The goal is to choose shoes that do not increase pressure on the bunion, have adequate support, and are comfortable.

Toss Out Those High Heels

There’s a reason that podiatrists hate it when patients come in wearing high heels. The reason is that those shoes that are loved by so many are horrible for your feet. Many people love their high heels because they help legs look longer, help to give the rear end a more sculpted look and help to add to their height. However, those things aren’t worth it in the long run when people who wear high heels regularly end up suffering from some painful and sometimes even awful-looking foot conditions.

How Overpronation Can Hurt More Than Your Feet

If you’ve ever had your feet measured, seen a podiatrist, or simply noticed that the way that you stand and walk is a bit different than other people, chances are you’ve heard of overpronation. If you overpronate, it can leave your feet, ankles, and knees in misery after walking, running, or even standing still for a prolonged period of time. However, that’s not where the pain stops. Read on to learn more about overpronation and how you can protect yourself from the damage it can cause.