Diagnosing And Treating Pain On The Top Of Your Feet

Living with foot pain can make life difficult, simply because you need your feet to get around. There are so many different causes of foot pain, including extensor tendonitis. This condition will leave you with pain primarily on the top of your feet. It could affect both of your feet or just one, and the pain can be so extreme that it could prevent you from being able to exercise, run, or play sports.

3 Medical Conditions Your Podiatrist May Notice Before Another Doctor

If you are getting ready for your first podiatrist appointment, it’s important to take some time to write down any and all symptoms you have been experiencing so you can share them with your podiatrist. Even though he or she will be able to treat your symptoms, sometimes referrals to other medical professionals are necessary to diagnose and treat the root cause of problems in the feet. Here are several examples.