Why Do You Keep Getting Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails do not only hurt, but they can also be a real infectious issue as well. This toenail condition is easy to get. Basically, instead of growing outward, the toenail curves inside the bed of the nail, biting into the skin and causing a lot of damage. When the pain gets too much to bear, you have to go to a doctor to have the toenail treated, which usually involves getting a part of the nail removed.

When you get a toenail treated for ingrown issues, a podiatrist will remove the toenail embedded in your foot. You will also likely get an anesthetic injection, which can help make the discomfort of having the nail treated less severe. In many cases, your ingrown toenail treatment can be successful on the first application, which can help you feel better right away.

Your ingrown toenail can cure itself as long as you treat the nail and get the offending nail to grow properly. If you catch your ingrown toenail quickly enough, you may not have to get treatment for the offending nail at all. However, it's always wise to see your podiatrist if you have recurring ingrown toenail issues, since you may have a problem with lifestyle issues causing your to begin with. Learning what is making your ingrown toenails worse can help you discover better ways to treat the condition. Here are common reasons why you keep getting ingrown toenails in the first place.

Your Shoes Are Too Tight 

Are your shoes too tight or small and causing your toes to touch the ends of your shoes? If so, then your ingrown toenails may be caused by this. As your toenails dig into your shoes, the nails get trained to curve inward and affect your skin. Switching to wider shoes can help you keep ingrown toenails at bay.

Your Nails Are Deformed

Are your toenails deformed due to a previous nail injury, issues with athlete's foot or another condition, or due to the way you cut your toenails? If you aren't sure how to cut your toenails properly, your doctor can show you as they treat your ingrown toenail condition.

You shouldn't get ingrown toenails on a regular basis. This problem is often prevalent in the larger toes, but can affect other toes as well. If you have a recurring ingrown toenail condition, reach out to a podiatrist, such as Paul Greenberg, to see what relief can be brought to you. In many cases, treatment is minimal.