Three Easy Foot Care Methods For Diabetics

As a diabetic, watching your skin can tell you about your health. Dark and velvet like patches on the skin can be a sign of diabetes complications. Itching can also happen if you have developed diabetes. One of the most important places on your body that you will need to care of is the skin on your feet when you are diabetic. Though diabetes means that you will need to be more careful of your eating habits, medication time tables, and more, this does not mean that caring for yourself has to be hard. Here are some ways to make diabetic foot care easy, yet thorough. 

Massage your feet often

Developing diabetes can mean that your feet will lose some of the feeling that they once had. In order to get back this feeling, you should encourage the blood flow with massages. You can perform your own massages at home by simply rubbing your feet for a few minutes at a time. You can also get foot massagers that sit underneath a desk or below your chair that can massage your feet and legs for increased blood flow.  

Do not scrape callouses

Regular scrubbing of your feet should be enough to keep the tops and bottoms of your feet in good condition. If you have heavy sores or calluses on your feet, you should see a podiatrist before taking any action. Scraping callouses on your feet is a bad idea because it leaves the bottom of your feet exposed. If you step on an item with the bottom of feet that are too soft, you may end up with an open wound which could easily catch an infection. Scrub feet with salt-based scrubs rather than sugar-based scrubs to keep them clean and feet of scales, but not overly soften them. 

Get hard house shoes

When walking in public, you will need to wear hard and sturdy shoes at all times. Even on the beach, it is a good idea to wear beach shoes so that your feet do not get cut. Around your house, it is a good idea to wear shoes as well. Get a pair of house shoes that have rubber soles or other hard soles at the bottoms. Get a pair of fuzzy flip flop house shoes for the summer or the times that your house is warm. During the winter months, you may want to get furry house shoes that keep your feet cozy on the cold floors. Be sure that the bottoms are hard so that you do not accidentally hurt your feet.